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The Shadow Priest guide says that Insanity should last about 6-8 seconds, that you must make sure you have 6-8 seconds available where you won't have to move or otherwise cancel Insanity in order to make the most use out of it. Says you must make sure your DoTs have at least 7.5 seconds left on them so that you never have to interrupt it while casting.


Except, yeah, it lasts for a base of 2 seconds per Shadow Orb consumed. Except that amount actually goes down the more haste you have. My Insanity lasts 1.70 seconds per shadow orb consumed (1.36 sec when I use Power Infusion), meaning it only lasts 5.1 seconds (or 4.08 seconds), and no matter what, I can only cast and channel Insanity twice every time before it runs out (the Insanity buff falls off a bit after I start channeling the second Insanity, keeping in mind that I have to wait a full GCD after casting Devouring Plague before I can start channeling Insanity.)


At the very best, I'll channel it for 5.04 seconds (or 4.08 seconds when I use Power Infusion, which admittedly is faster DPS still.) Nowhere near the 6-8 seconds it says in the Shadow Priest guides (even if you had 0 haste, it'd only last 6 seconds, and you'd still only be able to cast it twice.)


What's the point if haste makes Insanity shorter? It makes my Insanity casts channel quicker, but I can't actually get more Insanity casts in because the duration of the buff is also shorter... or am I doing something wrong?

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You are right that haste does affect the duration of the insanity and you will need 6 - 8 seconds to properly execute the rotation without interrupting(reduced by haste). They aren't absolute numbers so dont get too hung up on the numbers 6 and 8.


The theory doesnt change for how to maximise the insanity. You want the maximum number of ticks(and maximum MB usage) regardless of duration and you take advantage that Insanity can be cast on the last tick of Devouring Plague and it will remain Insanity for the entire channel. Cutting short a channel to add more ticks in the next will maximise the insanity.


Follow the rotation and theory in the guide and dont get too hung up on the non haste adjusted estimated timeframes.

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