A team calendar for Heroes of the Storm

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I created a community event calendar website at .

It is a multi game, multi guild calendar which does not require hosting from your part.

I just released the Heroes of the Storm module today.

On this tool, team members can create events which will be displayed in a calendar view.
Members can sign up to these events to notify their participation (yes, no, maybe ...).
When signing up they can choose a character and add a comment.

There are many functions to make the life of team leaders and members easier :

- leaders can send email notifications to members (ex : remind ppl to sign up)

- each event management can be restricted to a specific leader
- admins can edit the character / sign up status of members
- it is multi guild, meaning that you can have a calendar for your team and a calendar for another game guild.

- your calendar can be public if you provide the direct link to your agenda to your visitors
- you can use a background of your choice and there are 5 skins.

There is also a specific and lighter interface on mobile device.

I update it regularly with new features or pre-designed icons for events.

The HotS module is new, do not hesitate to tell me if I made mistakes or forgot something.


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