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Ret DPS Rotation priority question

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My question is regarding single target rotation.


  1. Cast ability_paladin_divinestorm.jpg Divine Storm.
  2. Cast ability_paladin_finalverdict.jpg Final Verdict (when you have 5 Holy Power).
  3. Cast spell_paladin_executionsentence.jpg Execution Sentence.
  4. Cast spell_paladin_hammerofwrath.jpg Hammer of Wrath on cooldown
    • It is only available when the target is below 35% health or when spell_holy_avenginewrath.jpg Avenging Wrath is active.
  5. Cast spell_holy_crusaderstrike.jpg Crusader Strike on cooldown (it generates Holy Power).
  6. Cast spell_holy_righteousfury.jpg Judgment on cooldown (it generates Holy Power).
  7. Cast spell_holy_excorcism_02.jpg Exorcism on cooldown (it generates Holy Power).
  8. Cast ability_paladin_finalverdict.jpg Final Verdict (when you have 3 Holy Power).



It has judgement listed over exorcism. I'm assuming it's because of cooldown. However I'm noticing that between everything else I'm wasting exorcism cooldowns to repeat crusader, judgement, final verdict, and especially when hammer of wrath is available (@ 35%, not during AW). Wouldn't it be better to cast exorcism over judgement simply because it hits harder? Not to mention you can sometimes get a free cooldown proc, judgement will likely always be there anyways right?


to summarize: Crusader > Exorcism > Judgement when building holy power. Unless out of melee range, or at 5 holy power, AW, 35%, ect ect





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If you prioritize Exorcism over Judgment then on your next cycle Judgment and Crusader Strike will come off cooldown on the same global cooldown and results in a DPS loss.

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