How do I get back into the swing of things?

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Hello community of WoW fans,


I have been at this game off and on since Wrath of The Lich King. Before my first big break in Cataclysm, I was doing the usual grind of  running dungeons to get better gear so I can finally do some raids, but I got stuck in an endless loop of running heroics and not getting the gear I needed. To that end, I have yet to do a raid. I ended up leaving WoW so I can focus on other things, like college and working.

Now I have come back to the game over Christmas and I have managed to get a max level character, but that's because I chose to stick to doing the solo content, not the dungeons. In fact, I haven't been through any of the dungeons from Cataclysm to now since my return because I get really anxious about screwing up in the process and getting kicked or yelled at.

So the problem I am presenting is how do I get over my anxiety about dungeons? Along those lines, how does someone like me who has yet to raid get into the raiding "zone"? Is there a way for someone casual to get into raiding in an easy to understand way?

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lot of things have changed due to the amount of resources that the Internet provides. it spoils the experience of being surprised since us gamers have become so self informing about the games we play. Enough about that,

To get over your anexity of raids and dungeons, you need to three things, information on raid in question, practice of the raid and practice of your character (practicing all your abilities and macros).

This can be solved very easily, use YouTube to search for guides for the raid and use wowhead to learn what the raid has and what to do in certain situations.

Secondly the way gearing works through PVE group content is generally, questing/dungeons -> heroics dungeons/raid finder -> raid finder/normals -> normal/heroics and so on... By following this raiding career path u get to practice the dungeons and use the information that you obtained via research of that dungeon.

Thirdly practice your character and check your healing/tanking/dos on dummies and when researching bosses think what do I do in a situation where the boss does ability "X".

Another tip is switching or finding a guild that is social and into PVE and can understand your motivation to get into raiding, that will help you a great deal since raiding with a group of people you know or your guild is much better experience than pugs.

Hope that helps =D

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Discourse makes some excellent points, I advice looking for a semi-casual raiding guild that can help you get on your feet. Check out your realm forums to see if any guilds are recruiting and in trade chat whilst you're online in-game.

Also, don't worry if people get pissed because you are new to the content, focus on yourself and how you can improve (rotation, enchants, different builds). Have fun with it and experiment.


If you have further questions or need some help, feel free to message me, I'll be sure to help you. tongue.png

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