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March Badness: Which Warcraft Figure is Most Evil?

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Blizzard are currently running a competition to find out which Warcraft villains are the worst of the worst! Check out who is in the running and get your votes in!


The contest will be taking place through Twitter and Facebook, with polls being put out for players to vote who is the worst in each poll. The contenders are as follows:

  • The Lich King - After committing atrocities such as slaughtering his own father and destroying his homeland, Arthas Menethil went on to become the leader of the scourge. Despite Arthas being killed eventually, the Lich King lives on, keeping control of the scourge across Azeroth.
  • Illidan Stormrage - His thirst for power led him to betray his people during the War of the Ancients in an attempt to serve a higher purpose. His unending lust for Legion blood meant he embraced the power that Sargeras bestowed upon him, using it to eventually combat the Legion. Illidan fell into dark times after the Third War, however, and ended up transforming into a demon through the magic of the Skull of Gul'dan.
  • Kil'jaeden - As one of the three brothers approached by Sargeras to act as leaders of the Burning Legion, Kil'jaeden has a wealth of power at his disposal. Unlike his brother Archimonde, Kil'jaeden was never intended as a front-line general. This hateful being would prepare worlds to be conquered, his magical prowess unrivaled by his brother. He would scout worlds and races to be recruited into the Legion, twisting their minds to evil.
  • Deathwing - Formerly the aspect of earth, Deathwing was driven to madness by the Old Gods. He committed one of the most horrible atrocities in Warcraft history after convincing the other aspects to place their power into the artifact he had created, the Demon Soul. After countless support from Malygos, the blue dragon had to watch as Deathwing slaughtered nearly every blue dragon in existence, as well as his consorts. Deathwing has forever fiddled in the matters of humans, trying to bring about his ultimate goal, ending life on Azeroth and reforging the world in his image.
  • C'thun - After being imprisoned in Ahn'Qiraj, this old god freed itself and began corrupting the life around it. This Old God is the embodiment of evil, with the goal of destroying Azeroth and everything the titans came to create. Known for his deathly whispers, this god-like figure seeks to kill everyone that opposes it in some pretty gruesome ways: "Your heart will explode."
  • Ragnaros - The Firelord of the elemental planes and slayer of the son of Al'Akir, he sought to burn down the world tree Nordrassil, which was then defended by Malfurion and Cenarius. He has a problem with waking up early, so make sure you only summon him after he's had a proper nap! Sorry Executus!
  • Algalon the Observer - After the death of Loken, the titan watcher, Algalon was summoned to investigate what had happened. He was prepared to completely re-originate Azeroth, thereby "restarting" the planet and killing all life. We manage to stop him doing so, but it might still be on the cards!
  • Murlocs - Beings of true evil, these small fish-like creatures know nothing but war. They prey on unsuspecting low-levels, hoping to beat them out of their villages. While you can reason with a kobold by bringing them a candle, these murlocs will try to bite your arm off if you attempt any reasoning! Whatever you do, don't wander too far into the water, or you'll find yourself swarmed by these horrible little creatures!

So, now that we know who's competing, make sure you follow the @Warcraft Twitter to get your votes in on who is the most evil!


You can also check out the official post over on the US forums for more information.

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