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Hearthstone decks. suggestions anyone?

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I wanted to see what other hearthstone players had to say about my weird card choices for my decks. I have 1 deck for each class, and I'm going to list the off here:

Winner's Proof (Warrior):

Execute x2

Warbot x2

Cleave x2

Amani Berserker x2

Cruel Taskmaster x2

Unstable Ghoul x2

Acolyte of Pain x2


Tauren Warrior x2

Arathi Weaponsmith x2

Kor'kron Elite x2

Sen'jin Shieldmasta x2

Frostwolf Warlord x2

Sludge Belcher x2

Shieldmaiden x2


Elemental Wakening (Shaman):

Lightning Bolt x2

Dust Devil x2

Stormforged Axe x2

Totem Golem x2

Feral Spirit x2

Hex x2

Lava Burst x2

Lightning Storm x2

Mana Tide Totem

Sen'jin Shieldmasta x2

Violet Teacher



Darkscale Healer x2

Earth Elemental x2

Fire Elemental x2

Frost Elemental x2

Stealth Sneak (Rogue):

Shadowstep x2

Southsea Deckhand x2

Worgen Infiltrator x2

Defias Ringleader x2

Patient Assassin x2

Perdition's Blade

Beneath the Grounds

Earthen Ring Farseer x2

SI:7 Agent x2

Mechanical Yeti x2

Sen'jin Shieldmasta x2

Assassinate x2

Nightblade x2


Sunwalker x2


Ravenholdt Assassin x2

Light's Retribution (Paladin):

Noble Sacrifice x2

Bloodmage Thalnos

Crazed Alchemist x2

Master Swordsmith x2


Flesheating Ghoul x2

Scarlet Crusader x2

Truesilver Champion x2

Consecration x2

Stormwind Knight x2

Silver Hand Knight x2

Sludge Belcher x2

Spectral Knight x2



Sunwalker x2

Guardian of Kings x2

Tirion Fordring

Beastmastery Hunter:

Arcane Shot x2

Bestial Wrath

Webspinner x2

Explosive Trap x2

Misdirection x2

River Crocolisk x2

Animal Companion x2

Razorfen Hunter x2

Houndmaster x2

Sen'jin Shieldmasta x2

Explosive Shot x2

Ram Wrangler

Stranglethorn Tiger x2

Ball of Spiders


Savannah Highmane

Gladiator's Longbow

Captured Jormungar x2

Nature's Rising (Druid):

Living Roots x2

Wild Growth x2

Anodized Robo Cub x2

Druid of the Saber


Jungle Panther x2

Raging Worgen x2

Bite x2

Swipe x2

Keeper of the Grove


Starfall x2

Druid of the Claw x2

Recycle x2

Starfire x2

Mech-Bear-Cat x2

Ironbark Protector x2

Demonology Warlock:

Blood Imp x2

Flame Imp x2

Voidwalker x2

Darkbomb x2

Demonfire x2

Mistress of Pain x2

Shadow Bolt x2

Felguard x2

Hellfire x2

Pit Lord

Voidcaller x2

Antique Healbot x2

Siphon Soul x2

Dread Infernal x2

Fearsome Doomguard x2

Twisting Nether

Frostfire Mage:

Arcane Missiles x2

Mana Wyrm x2

Frostbolt x2

Arcane Intellect x2

Ice Barrier x2

Ice Block

Spellslinger x2

Cone of Cold x2

Fireball x2

Polymorph x2

Water Elemental x2

Azure Drake x2

Sludge Belcher x2

Archmage x2

Flamestrike x2


Shadowlight (Priest):

Power Word: Shield x2

Lightwarden x2

Shadow Word: Pain x2

Stonesplinter Trogg x2

Shadow Word: Death x2

Acolyte of Pain x2

Dark Cultist x2

Burly Rockjaw Trogg x2

Holy Champion

Sen'jin Shieldmasta x2

Holy Nova x2

Sludge Belcher x2

Holy Fire x2

Cabal Shadow Priest

Temple Enforcer x2

Mind Control x2

Thanks for taking the time to read. Here is a format for providing feedback. Just copy and paste from here:










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I am currently sick, so I will keep it short: the decks are basically trash. It's a nice role-play, but they are nowhere near usable. 

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Hmmm... I am not an expert at this by any means. I'll just channel what I have learnt by my own research. I guess I'll pick the rogue deck since it was one of the first classes i started climbing the ladder with.

Overall I think the deck isn't following a theme, i.e not to say it doesn't have a Lore wise theme, but moreover it doesnt have a solid gameplan of how to win. You can select a few cards and build upon it with other cards that have synergy with each other.


So By the title it seems like you want a shadow step deck. Shadow step can work with charge minions to give you a some burst damage. South sea deck hand is too small a minion to get full value from it. I recommend using Arcane Golem. Arcane golem +shadow step + arcane golem +shadow step + arcane golem is a 3 card, 7 mana combo that can do 12 damage in one turn. This can be boosted if you add 2x cold blood into the mix. Adding Sap/owl can ensure you can get rid of any taunts from the mix for that turn. Sap has a better affect since it removes the minion from play in case you chose need it before  your combo turn, but should only be used when you can use it effectively to change the state of the board in your favour. (send a minion back, plus place your own minion. or send a taunt back and go face for lethal or send a buffed minion back to remove buffs)


Second issue with the deck is the fact that its using some combo cards without any low mana spells to activate the combo. I would definitely add backstabs and deadly poisons in the deck. Both act as very good early control and combo activators. Speaking of combos, eviscerate is faster for a rogue than assassinate. Anything that you cant kill with minions or backstab+eviscerate can be silenced or sapped or BGH'd.  

Blade flurry works well deadly poison and can clear the field while dealing some damage to face. 


Now we come to card draw. Since our finisher combo requires a few cards to work, we should have some amount of card draw. Oil rogue typically has 6-7 card draw. Many decks will have around 6 card draw. Sprint is a negative tempo play without a prep in the mix.


Fan of knives is a good card for additional draw while being an AOE. Fan of knives + kobold geomancer is a psuedo concecrate. Azure drake is good for card draw/cycle while giving a +1 spell damage.


Now some general replacements. Until standard comes, Sludge belcher is slightly better than sunwalker. so you might want to replace that. Kidnapper is bad and it should feel bad. same with night blade. Might want to add wolf riders in case you don't draw arcane golem for combo. Rest will depend upon mana curve and testing.


Hope this helps.

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