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[EU] LEGION: Project World Top#3 of Two Day Raiding Guilds

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Hello people,

Legion is coming up in some months and therefore we are presenting a project we are setting up right now.
Right now we are about 11 former hardcore raider (mainly from world#50 guilds), that wanna step down to raiding two days in Legion because we simply don't wanna spend that much time on raiding anymore. Eventho we wanna raid less days, we dont wanna miss proper progress. Our aim with the guild is, to place us in the top #3 world of two day raiding guilds in Legion which is about top #100-150 world.

Looking on the people from various top notch guilds we got, we are quite positive to achieve our goals in quite no time. 80 % of our current roster is cutting edged and downed Archimonde before November. Our players have been part of guilds like Forte, Nova, For The Horde, SlashCry and Scrubbusters and aswell are having an excellent raiding history going back until Vanilla.

UPDATE: We just have a few spots to fill, but are always on the lookout for expectional players with good raiding history! This lockout we raid for the first time together, testing some applicants at Monday 19.30 CET. Planing to down Archimonde as group in max. 2 ID lockouts. We still look for some very good people who wanna join us on our plan. Therefore join our Testraid on Monday or just write to us for an interview


We aswell might consider groups or guilds that want to merge/fusionate with us to achieve the above listed goals.

What players we are looking for:
- Be able to maintain 100% attendance during progression.
- Raiding experience and skills (apply elsewhere if you have little raiding experience. We're not a guild for beginners).
- Data such as logs or videos to back up your performance.
- Good knowledge of the English language both spoken and written.
- You're able to play for the guild, not just yourself.
- Able to stream and represent our sponsors is a plus.

What you can expect from us:
- Focused high-end raiding environment on a tight schedule.
- We never extend raiding schedule for progression and Mythic raiding in general.
- A strong and stable leadership who know how to run a guild.
- Two Sponsors, one Gamekey Site and another Gaming Gear Manufacturer
- Covererage of your monthly WoW fees aswell as giving out gaming gear such as mices, keyboards and headsets to members.
- 3 million gold on Guildbank to cover repairs, flasks, enchants etc on our first tier.
- Players that have several World/Europe first and a huge amount of world top 10 kills from vanilla to now raiding with you.

Quick Facts:
- Faction – Horde.
- Server Type – Tarren Mill PVP
- Raiding Times – Monday and Thursday 19.30 - 23.00 CET
- Age Restriction – atleast 16 years but we prefer 18+ as many of us are in the middle 20's to 30's.
- Social spots in the guild will be accepted
- Guild Name and Server – Guild Name TBA - Server see above
- 2 Sponsors
- Homepage is beeing made right now. (No free CMS !@#$)

You may understand that i can't post with my Main Account for now otherwise you could easily find out who we are as some of us are still in their raiding environment. Thats why I use a friends Account. When you apply to us you will see very fast who we are. I am looking forward to your applications.

If you wanna apply either write some short details and possibilities to get in contact with you to project2daysapply@gmail.com or add Teiric#2399 to have a chat (its my 2nd acc tho, might not be online 24/7). Applicants that we believe may fit us, will be invited to an voice interview where we will give you any details you need.

See you soon

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