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can i get an opinion on my dps

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You can pull more. YMMV, but I went with Thrill of the Hunt of this fight, using multishot to keep sting up as much as I could on targets when they were clumped. This is a multitarget fight, and your ability to keep sting up on all targets at all times really affects your damage output.

Make sure your UI shows raid boss frames and tracks the sting debuff. I use a mouseover macro to toss out serpent stings (especially on the High Priest, as she usually isn't clumped for the multishots) without retargeting using them, when I can spare the time/focus/attention.

For reference, my data for that fight: 7:44 min kill, 116K dps, ToTH, AMoC, Glaive Toss (though I think Barrage might be better), ~505 ilvl at the time. My SS uptime was between 45% and 60% on each boss, so my uptime is far from perfect (which is hard to do in any case).

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