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Looking for tips to improve numbers.  I generally don't heal while absorbs from the pally and the Disc are keeping everyone topped off.  I have a cd timer for Elemental Blast, HST, and Riptide and try to use both healing spells on cd (miss some still tho) and ele blast and LB when there is a break in healing.  We are doing Mythic so anything would be helpful.  I need to use Ascendance more so thats my new goal.  Anyhow thanks for taking the time in advance.

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Well the first mistake I see is that you use archi trinket. It's bad. I usually go with IG and DP (kilrogg and soc trinkets).


Other than that you appear to not want mastery, judging by most of your off-pieces. Intellect is not everything, mastery is (to a certain degree during progression). There is also nothing wrong with not going spirit off-pieces, but the right stats would be optimal. Maybe you're just unlucky with drops.


Anyways, to your logs.


First off; you're 5-healing. You will probably not be the top of healing done. Thats fine, you're brought for your utility mostly in this case. HTT usage could be higher (it might even be worth to pop it on one early felstorm on council as an example). 


HST uptime needs to be better, you're taking reset talent yet you dont even use it for what you're supposed to use it for (might vary on the encounter, ww totem on Gorefiend as an example)


SLT usage could be more frequent. You have 2. Use them, but try to have at least 1 up for last phase of Council


You're casting a lot of healing waves but 50% of it is overheal.


Healing Surge is your friend, and you should use it more frequently


Dont be afraid to have 1 stack of riptide up, sometimes its worth to cast that chain heal instead (on reaver logs your riptides did more healing than CH, that shouldn't happen).


And yes, Ascendance is an extremely powerful CD and you should use it as much as you can, granted there is need for actual healing. A good way to optimize your CDs would be to cast EB right before you pop something, so you get the extra stats for parts of the duration.


As for the Council fight, it would appear that people do not move out during reap, which in itself isn't a healing issue, What you need to look out for is to reduce the amount of people getting the debuff. While we were progressing we had a hpal and a druid babysit the debuffs so we would only get 3 reaps. There is another way to do it, but it would result in 9 people getting the debuff and moving out with reap. Basically you dispel when there's 10 seconds left of reap, so the players getting the debuff have time to react and move out. 


If you want good numbers on this fight I suggest you pop your CDs quite offensively, like asc/htt early and have at least 1 CD ready for the last phase, eventually everyone will get the debuff and the raid-wide damage will go very high. This fight is really good for resto shamans as you're mostly stacked during the entire encounters. Personally I would suggest you go Conductivity, as it will drastically increase your uptime on HR and save mana at the same time.

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