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Subtlety dagger and what OH?

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Hey there, Im seeking an answer regarding subtlety rogues and the weapons to use. Here is my armory http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/thunderhorn/Dire/simple

Currently using an axe 2.60 speed in OH. How much of a dmg loss is that compared to using like 1 more Fang of the Pit for the extra poison dmg?


It's not. Generally the rule is you want the highest ilvl with the best stats. speed isn't a factor anymore. depending on what ilvl the fang is, I wouldn't replace the axe until heroics. 

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It's a very mild (basically invisible) increase to have 2 daggers; you want to use the highest ilevel weapon available, but when possible that should be a dagger. Fang of the Pit also has your best stats, so it's even more beneficial in that regard

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