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Mage help please

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Trying to help out a few guildies whose numbers could use a boost, but having never mained a Frost/Arcane Mage I'm of little to no help, and was hoping by posting logs from recent attempts here maybe some advice or feedback could be given.

The below are WarcraftLog reports, I can't post links yet so i have to only give the report tag

Fresh H-HFC this week: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/facQTvYBxhmGz1pL

Continuation of same run last night: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/khqXcJ8YA3HZCxfd

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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Just looking over you fellord kill (only looking at arcane mage, because that' what i know most about).

1. He casts Arcane Power before crystal, which he shouldn't

2. Not once did he use evocation <-- This is by far his biggest dps loss.

3. He should be using unstable magic instead of supernova when he has 4p and class trinket.


I think your arcane mage needs to take a look at the guide on this side and get back to basic about his specc.

As arcane mage you have a "burn phase" and a "conservation phase"


Burn phase should be with every ring + arcane power (AP) and Prismatic Crystal (PC), and looks something like this:

- Pre-pot

- Pre-cast Arcane Blast

- Arcane Blast

- PC --> AP --> Spam Arcane Blast and use Arcane Missile procs

- Evocation AFTER AP is down (it's very important that he does not use Arcane barrage to reset arcane stacks before using evocation)


That's basically the burn phase, after that he'll enter the conservation phase until ring and CD's are up again.


Rules of conservation phase:

- Use arcane blast to get arcane stacks

- Use arcane missiles IF:

    1. Doom nova proc on target

    2. You have 4 arcane charges and will NOT cap mana by casting it

    3. below 90-93% mana

- Arcane Barrage IF you have no arcane missile procs and you are below 90% mana


The general rule is to never go below 90-93% mana when you're not in burn phase.


Hope this helps, or else tell him to read the guide on this site, it's basically what i said.

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