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Fury Warrior help please

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Trying to help out a few guildies whose numbers could use a boost, but having never mained a Fury Warrior I'm of little to no help, and was hoping by posting logs from recent attempts here maybe some advice or feedback could be given.

The below are WarcraftLog reports, I can't post links yet so i have to only give the report tag

Fresh H-HFC this week: https://www.warcraft...acQTvYBxhmGz1pL

Continuation of same run last night: https://www.warcraft...hqXcJ8YA3HZCxfd

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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Good morning!


The logs you provided hosts two Fury Warriors. I'm not sure exactly which one you're wanting help with so I'll look at both of them.




Iron Reaver:


Thnderwolf died from Blitz and having a stack of Immolation on him 1:12 into the fight. While two healing the encounter is very doable, your players need to be aware of that fact and not take unnecessary risks such as riding Blitz. If the healers are made aware of it and the player uses defensives while having a relatively full health pool, then sure. He died and was not brought back up. Naturally, his logs reflect poorly.


Jibril on the other hand, lived. Here's what I see on his logs:

  • He doesn't have his class trinket. If he does have it, he didn't use it on this fight. For Fury Warriors, this trinket is stupid OP because it dramatically affects their stat priority; it essentially takes care of their haste.

    Without the trinket, a Fury Warrior has to worry about hitting haste caps; 11% initially and then 18% after that. Unbuffed it looks like he has 7.61% haste (per the armory on his last logout). With the raid buff he's barely making the 11% mark. His numbers / performance will reflect this. Once he has that trinket he'll no longer have to worry about haste.
  • HIs enrage uptime is only 72.99%. Granted, this log has an air phase so he may have had some downtime moving between bombs. The initial point that he really dropped his buff was at 2:28 but this is also because he was affected with Artillery. It makes sense it would drop off as he ran away from the raid.He didn't gain it back, however, until 2:53. That's 25 seconds. He lost it again from 3:16 - 3:33; 17 seconds of no enrage.

    While having nothing to attack can have obvious effects on his Enrage uptime, this is a #1 priority for Fury Warriors. Enrage is where the damage comes from and without that buff the warrior is better off doing nothing until they do get enraged. Make sure your warriors are tracking this buff somehow; it is that important.
  • He gained 36 stacks of Raging Blow and cast it 36 times; this is good - he's not wasting his RB procs.
  • It appears that he didn't waste any rage. This is also good. (It means he wasn't rage capped and still generating rage.)
  • He didn't use a strength potion during the execute phase. It may be due to a poor pre-pot. It may be minor but it does help. DPS should be using two potions each successful pull. Warriors are to pre-pot and us their second one during Heroism or Execute Phase (whichever is doable based on your hero time / strategy).
  • It looks like there are a couple times he's casting Berserker Rage to gain his Enrage buff. While this isn't necessarily a bad thing, I would recommend him trying with Bloodthirst, first. BR is to be saved for those unfortunate times that BT does not give / refresh the enrage buff.




I could go into the other fights and continue the pattern listed above. That, however, would make for a very long post. That, and it's very early in the morning for me (0445).


I'll finish this post up with some generalized suggestions / tips for your warriors and if you / they have any other questions you're more than welcomed to ask and I can be of more assistance.


  • As noted, their Enrage uptime is extremely important. If at all possible, they need to have this up (especially on single target encounters) as close to 100% as possible. Bloodthirst procs are ideal and Berserker Rage should only be used as a backup. It's important enough that they need to track it, specifically, to ensure it's uptime. Weak Auras, TellMeWhen, etc. . . both are great addons for that purpose. The warrior is better off not doing anything beyond auto attacking if they're not enraged.
  • Although "minor" to some players, potions are useful. Consumables, in general, are useful. Each point counts. Make sure they're using their appropriate 125 stat food, greater flasks, runes, and two combat potions appropriately. If they don't have their perma-rune then they can farm LFRs to get plenty of them.
  • A finer point to Fury is not spamming Bloodthirst. Enrage lasts for 8 seconds. If the warrior is enraged they can prioritize other abilities over Bloodthirst. Some warriors have a habit of just spamming BT whenever it's off CD and this can cost them numbers. This makes tracking Enrage even that more important.
  • They need their 4PC and their class trinket to really shine (in addition to making sure they're doing their rotation correctly). As noted, their class trinket dramatically affects their haste and stat priority due to respective caps.
  • Aside from the necessities, you have other things such as making sure to not get rage capped, don't waste Raging Blow procs, etc. That stuff is pretty simple and self-explanatory, though.


Hopefully this helps. I realize it's pretty long and it could've been much longer, lol. As already noted, if you should have any other questions don't hesitate to ask.



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Perfect, thanks for taking the time to go over the logs.  I'll pass this info along and it kind of makes sense.  My main is a Feral druid so I'm used to weakauras, tellmewhen and needtoknow addons to track all my bleeds and such so I can help them set up these.


I levelled a Warrior to 100 for garrison gold but never played it much, even in dungeons.  So offering fellow guildies advice on the matter would have been the blind leading the blind, once again the Icy Veins community comes through, you guys rock! biggrin.png


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