Need help identifying these items for xmog plz.

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I saw a picture of a priest today and I LOVE this xmog. I want to replicate this set. Could someone identify these items please?

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Shoulders: Valorous Shoulderpads of Sanctification or Valorous Mangle of Sanctification

Robe: Mooncloth Robe

Bracers: Veteran's Mooncloth Cuffs

Gloves: Royal Gloves or Arcane Gloves

Belt: Mindfire Waistband

Boots: Abjurer's Boots, Royal Boots, Merger Boots (H), Conspirator's Slippers (H), Singed Boots (A) or Sandles of the Neverending Bridge (A)

I cant be sure on the dagger or wand...for one I cant tell if it is a dagger or a wand, but that should be the outfit.

Here's a link to the set on Wowhead's item comparison.

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