(PvE) Destro Bedst stats, what i have to change ect?

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Hello out there.

'm new in here and I would like to hear about a few questions ang Destro Warlock (PVE) State what it is I endlig be Virklig go high up in..

right now it is such that I am holding these State during

Intellect - 17403

Spell Power - 24400 (3660)

Haste - 10.36% (4403)

Hit - +15.02% (5106)

Crit - 12.15% (2147)

Mastery - 57.14% (6628)

I would very much like in would help me if I could change any of this to a right dps. Should I remove some mastery and go up a bit of crit or haste or how to say, Thank you for stopping by. Hope you find a small message with some answer on how etc

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