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Ret Pally DPS LOW and shouldnt be ilvl 482

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I cant get decent dps out of this ret pally. Following askmrrobot and noxxic but i am stuck at around 28k dps

I also jump in DPS from 7k to up to 130k. No rhyme or reason, I follow the proper rotation. Any help will be much appreciate!

I'm not ret paladin, but immediate things I notice are your trinkets (usually a huge dps increase) and one enchant.

If you could provide some World of Logs parses, someone may be able to help you better to see what you are doing wrong in your rotation.

The dps jumps may simply be because of fight mechanics with damage amps.

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its mainly your trickets. I am a ret pally and we do not benifit from stam,dodge, or intel for our dps so i say change those. even the ghost iron dragonling would be better for you then those. ilvl is not everything its about stat waying too.

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