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5.2 Changes to Warriors and Warrior UI

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So I've heard a lot of people telling me to try out arms for 5.2 content, I've ran fury all MoP and am just curious PvE wise, is arms actually worth a shot now? I know it was complete garbage last patch but a lot of people are telling me it might be decent this time around, decent enough to take place of fury spec. Now before I go and waste a coin on council next week, I'd like to know, has anyone tried arms our in ToT yet? Is it viable? With world of logs being down its hard for me to research :/

Also, I'd like to start switching my UI around, if you could post a picture or link showing me your raid UI as a warrior, and let me know what the best addons to download are, that would be great! :D Much appreciated!

- Yolo

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Short answer is: Fury is still up top.

However, unless you're aiming for world firsts or completely min-maxing your character, Arms definitely is now very viable. In tier 15 gear, it's gonna look something like this Fury 2h<=Arms<Fury 1h. In tier 14 gear, arms even takes slightly over (by ~1%) Fury 2h. However, once you reach tier 15H, it's still Arms<Fury 2h<Fury 1h.

Still, all the specs are within 4-5% of each other, so all of them are viable for ToT.

As I said, since all 3 are viable, unless you're trying to optimize yourself to the limit, you can just play whichever spec you prefer and do very good.

TL;DR: Fury is still ahead, but Arms is viable.

As far as the UI goes, I'll just post mine, but I know it's not to everyone's liking. If it looks good to you just let me know (either on this post or in PM) and I'll let you know what the addons are.Posted Image

Hope this helps,


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While I haven't "crunched the numbers" so to speak for 5.2, my guess is that (as Ragebarr said) Fury is still, by a slight margin, ontop in absolutely end-game performance.

With this being said, however, I am Arms and I am viable enough in the spec that I can compete with our realm's top Fury Warrior in damage done. To this I would say that it's RNG. Sometimes you have a very solid rotation based on crits and procs and others you feel a little "light weight" so to speak. This is just my personal opinion of the DPS warriors.

Is Arms viable in 5.2? Absolutely.

As far as your raiding UI goes I tell everyone the same thing - if you're profecient with it then that's all that matters. You may like another person's UI but if you can't play with it then, frankly, it's no good for you. To that end, however, here is a snapshot of my UI. The party frame is replaced with a raid frame (much smaller units) while in a raid group. But overall, you get the jist of the UI.

Posted Image

As with Ragebarr's response... if you want to know what I use then do not hesitate to ask and I'll be glad to help.

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