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Holy paladin stats weight -- is intellect overrated?

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I've seen different set of stats on MrRobot, WoW heroes, MaxDps, etc., but always in simlar ratios. However I contend that intellect is slightly overrated, or rather, that it now should not have its own weight. Intellect provides now exclusively spell power (1 for 1) and crit. On my toon, each point of intellect provides as much crit as 0.35 point of crit. I was wondering if everybody is at the same ratio. If yes, it means that the conversion is linear and that therefore we should always use:

weight(intellect) = weight(spell power) + 0.35 * weight(crit)

For example, MrRobot gives Wi = 1, Wspow = .75, Wcrit = .40. This is not consistent. With that spell power and crit, the weight of intellect would be 0.89.

That's not a difference strong enough to change how you eat or flask, but it can influence the choice for example between different versions/upgrades of your scepter from the HoF empress and the soulblade from Jin'Rokh.

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Actually, I understand now. But wouldn't that only matter depending how much you value crit? Potentially for a resto druid (which mastery is the best stat for them) crit would be very low thus, by your reasoning, making int a low priority. When in contrary, hemming for intellect would be more beneficial then gemming for mastery.

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