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gemming for unholy DKs.

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something is definatelly wrong with our beloved mrrobot. besides screwing up arms warrior gemming it now messes with unholy DKs. all of a sudden i have to regem all from str or str/ haste to pure haste. COME ON.


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Hey Cheg, hopefully, Vee from ARM will come soon and explain their point of view regarding the gemming they advice ;)

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Current stat weights for 5.2 taken from elitist jerks are:

Strength 1.00

Hit (to cap) .77

Expertise (to cap) .82

Haste .52

Crit .46

Mastery .40

So the difference between Str, Haste, or Str+Haste are extremely minimal. Effectively the weight of each gem would be:

Pure Str: 1.00

Str+Haste: 1.02

Pure Haste: 1.04

(Incoming Math for people that want to check it) 6 gems x 320 Haste x .02 (how much better haste gemming is than Str+haste) = 38.4 rating = .09%.

Assuming you're doing 100k dps, swapping from Str+Haste to Pure haste will net you an increase of approximately 90 dps

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