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Elemental shaman....mastery vs spirit

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I was looking at the builds for an elemental shaman and I kinda disagree with spirit over mastery. What is the reason for spirit when Chain Lightning builds so much back with 3+ mobs? Even when running with single mobs, I RARELY run out of mana. Can someone please explain this? Thanks

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Spirit does nothing as elemental in terms of mana regen. Spirit only counts as hit rating.

I believe as elemental, you have 0% passive mana regen while in combat. Your mana come from other abilities, but that is besides the point.

On the icy veins shaman guide I see this

The stat priority for an Elemental Shaman is:

  • Hit Rating or Spirit (until the 15% hit cap);

  • Intellect;

  • Haste Rating;

  • Mastery Rating;

  • Critical Strike Rating.

So it seems that they only recommend spirit to the 15% hit cap. Which seems correct to me.

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Ele shamans have a passive combat regen that is capped at 6k. The spirit is not for mana regen like it is for the healers; spirit equates to hit for ele shamans.

Remember if you ever do run out of mana, Shamanistic Rage gives you 15 seconds of mana-free offensive spells in addition to its damage reduction. You can also use Thunderstorm; it is possible to glyph it to remove the knockback if you chiefly use it to restore mana. I personally love the knockback. :-)

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