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Hey guys, i'm kinda new here on Icy Veins, but i'm always viewing the PvE tactics here.

Well, straight to the point, I want to start doing arenas decently. I tried on Cata with my 85 Tauren Resto Druid, but i couldn't do anything... do you have some tips or macros that would help me?

Thanks a lot and sorry for the poor english, I don`t know if i wrote everything right.

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Only help i can provide you on this topic is, Experience. If gear isn't the issue then you just have to log ALOT of games. if your a healer LOS ( Line Of Sight Games ) are your Best friend. If you want to survive as a healer in arenas Learn to pillar hump. Try not to stand out in the open for any length of time. Learning to chain your cc's with your partner will also help you get the kill.

Hope some of this helps Cheers :)

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