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Low Ret DPS

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So for my guild when raiding, I go retribution mainly because we only need 2 healers for a lot of fights, but when I go dps I feel im dragging everyone down, my item level is 484 and im coming up 55-60k dps. Im confident on the rotation and my stat priorities but i end up short all the time.


Now I think it may be because of the weapon, I'm not sure how much retribution paladins depend on them

I also thought it may be because of no set bonuses..

Any questions and/or advice would be great! thanks :)

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I won't get into tons of detail, but your weapon is holding you back a ton. A starshatter, or preferably a shin'ka, would give you a significant return. Also, before 4pc T14 I was using HA+AW, 10 seconds delayed of GoAK, for the best burst possible.

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