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Hit Rating Confusion

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I know this may sound a very Noob Question, but can a High Haste/Mastery [in lower ilevel gear] with a low hit rating be better than a Hit capped - specced as per ask mr robot Higher ilevel toon?

Please be gentle in your answers as my spot in a raid group which i have held for over a year is hanging on the answer here.

I suppose i should also mention they are both Frost Mages

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Hit outpaces haste dramatically until the hit cap, simply put.

The way I was taught how hit worked was by the best mage I've ever known, this is how he put it:

For every 1% you are not at cap, you are losing 1% dps.

If you really want to see it for yourself, get an addon like reforgelite for easy reforging and hit the raid dummy while set up with hit rating for pvp.

Then compare to while you're hit capped.

I've always liked seeing things for myself in this game.

Good luck with your raid spot! Are you frost too?


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