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how do i set up macros?

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i keep trying to set up a macro but they arent working example of how: /cast avenging wrath

/cast rebuke

/cast blessing of kings

all it does it stick in chat box to whomever the last person i was talking to. they arent shooting off either. can someone tell me how to do it? im new to the macro thing. someone referred me to icy veins but all thats said makes no sense to me. guess u gotta understand them before it makes sense there

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The reason they are going to chat, is because you have a space in front of the "/" in the macro.

Also try "/use avenging wrath" with no quotes. Use and cast are the same, but use is less characters and when longer macros are made using less characters is better.

Is there a specific macro you want made? I can help with some and I'm sure others here can as well.

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