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Throne Normal Daggers vs Spirit Sever Normal 2/2

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I have just obtained both inv_knife_1h_thunderisleraid_d_03.jpgFyn's Flickering Dagger normal and inv_knife_1h_thunderisleraid_d_01.jpgMegaera's Poisoned Fang normal.

I'm not sure whether to put the Poisoned Fang in the MH and leave my inv_knife_1h_pandaraidsha_d_01.jpgSpiritsever normal shatouched 2/2 in my OH, or switch it out for the new Flickering dagger?

Thanks to anyone who can help me <3

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What's your character called on the armory? I'll check it out for you! I'm currently using my sha-touched weapon in offhand because attacks come from your main hand and the 500 extra agility comes out ahead! (My off-hand is 517ilvl though, not 504)

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