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I am recruiting for my 10 man raid team. We're currently raiding Tues/Thurs - 8 to 11p EST. with a make up day of Sunday. Our current progression is HoF normal. We've had to regroup and restructure a few times and this has been impeding progression. Currently we're looking for either 3 dps or 1 tank and 2 dps. We use Ventrilo and provide flasks/feasts for all raids.

Who you need to be:

A team player that can be make 95% of the raids. A team player that can communicate properly and provide constructive input. A team player that can make sure they are prepared for content we are on. A team player that does their best to make sure they have optimal gear/gems/enchants to the best of their ability. All of our raid members are held to this same standard.

As we are on 5.0 content, we don't require you to server transfer, however, once we do get into current for progression it would be in the best interest of the raid group for you to be on our server for raiding. If you do decide to xrealm raid with us, you would need to provide your own flasks/pots.

Glenn#1375 or Mistseeker#1392

Feel free to contact me or my Assistant raid leader with any questions or concerns.

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