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Gearing a warlock

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hi guys,

i stepped away from WoW right before patch 5.1 dropped. My warlock wasn't to level 90 yet at that time. I came back to the game right after patch 5.2 dropped.

I caught myself working on the Golden Lotus rep and got honored. A friend of mine told me I shouldn't waste my time with the 5.0 reps and I should concentrate on Isle of Thunder dailies and maybe the Dominance offensive dailies a bit. Is this the correct thought process?

What is the most efficient way to gear up as of patch 5.2? I'm currently sitting at 469 ilevel on my warlock, so I'm just short of the second tier of LFR. I'm heroic geared or better except for my shoulders, feet, and wrist.

My warlock is a tailor and enchanter, if that matters.


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Grind heroic dungeons and turn Justice Points into Honor. Use the Honor to buy 476 PvP gear (because PvP gear doesn't penalize for PvE use anymore). Focus on your weakest points and soon you'll be at 470 ilvl. Then bank on HoF and ToES LFR to get you to 480 so you can do ToT.

Or you can grind battlegrounds and get Honor that way. I find doing dungeons is much quicker.

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