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Scroll of Resurrection Help

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What do I have to do to get the character to level 80? Is there a time limit to use it?

Is anyone interested in sending me one? I'm looking to sign up and I want the boost to level 80 and free upgrade.

Lastly, what would be a good class to pick? I'm looking for casual play. I would like a class that is fun to PvP with, but won't be extremely gear dependent or require me to have really good gear in order to stand a chance in PvP.

I played vanilla/BC with a warrior, and I really liked playing as a warrior, but one thing I did realize was the class was so gear dependent that it was impossible to play casually and still play well in PvP. What do you guys think? I'm leaning either Warrior or Rogue (I already have a level 70 rogue from BC so I was thinking to make a warrior and boost him to 80 and then the Rogue I can manually level from 70 --> 85).

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I can send you one no problem, lol. Send me a PM with your e-mail if you want.

I think once you get the scroll there is a page that walks you through the steps to boost the toon to the max level. But I believe it has to be a toon that is already on a realm. I know my step daughter did this and transfered a horde toon to another realm as well as alliance and was boosted in one step.

I would pick one of the lowest toons you have to maximize the boost you get. No sense boosting a 70 to 80 but a 5 to 80 looks a lot better to me. Warlocks are nice for everythign all around, solo is great with a voidwalker and they are capable in pve and pvp, probably be the best option IMHO. And since you have stated you had a warrior in bc as well as a rogue that may be the best option but the choice is really what play style you like.

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