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Mistweaver stats weighs?

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I'm sorry if this question has been posed before, but I looked around the forum a little bit and couldn't find any definitive answer.

Basically, Icy Veins lists a Mistweaver's stats priorities as the following:

Spirit > Haste (until soft-capped) > Intellect > Crit > Mastery > Haste (after soft-cap)

However, MrRobot lists the stats weighs as being the following:

Int: 1

Spirit: 0.75

Haste: 0.6 (0.3 after soft cap)

Crit: 0.5

Mastery: 0.4

SpPower: 0.85

So what should I primarily aim for? Int+SpPower or spirit? Is it just a question of "Spirit until comfortable with mana regen, then int/haste as far as possible"?

My armory link is http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/bloodhoof/char%C3%ACna/simple

Thanks in advance,


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With your gear level, I would just stick with what Ask Mr. Robot says.

If you plan on playing MW more often and raid with it, then we can get into more detailed stats.

For example, since I like to maximize crit, Mr. robot doesn't do that very well for me IMO. SO instead I use Mr. Robot just to try to get a general idea of how much crit i might lose when going for new haste breakpoints or just going full on manual mode and changing everything myself. as for sata weights, I like to use Reforgelite more for optimizing. I use these weights in it

Posted Image

Although, I put it into advance mode, because for some reason it doesn't like to reach the haste cap right now if i don't.

But again, those weights are very specific to me, because I don't need as much spirit because of my raid group. For your low levels of gear, I would just say do what Mr. Robot says until you can at least reach 3145 haste breakpoint.. If you want to change anything, I would say make mastery 0.1 weight in Mr. Robot since I think it is such a garbage stat. lol

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