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Hello! starting to learn tanking:) got some questions.

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hello i am starting to play protection paladin my goal would be to go raid tanking :) but dont have no idea atm about that .How hard it is for new player to learn tanking and perform well on raids as tank?

i am litle affraid i fck things up ): so any advice would more then welcome :)

Thank you :)

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Obviously you will want to read the tanking guide from Icy Veins HERE.

Then if you think you have what it takes (the mentaility and the patience to learn how to tank) then go for it!

Obviously practice is key, so you will want to practice through dungeons and other non raid gameplay.

I have tanked before and loved the feeling of controlling a group of mobs or a huge boss and it is a great feeling when you do it right, but just be patient, be prepared and don't get down if you struggle at first!

Good luck, and hope that helps!

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I'm guessing you are in a guild? Do you raid on another spec?

I ask because, your guild should help you. What guild wouldn't want a backup tank?

It's how I started too...I used to melee dps on my dk, but eventually started tanking when we lost a tank.

I found it very hard at first, but now I love it. IMO, it's much harder to do than dps and healing and can be stressful. But it is an awesome feeling to be in command!

5 mans are great training grounds. Try to run them with friends who will forgive any errors. We tanks can be very sensitive.....criticism can hurt a lot and may put you off for life if you just do randoms!

What I found hardest was learning to handle large groups of mobs....it just takes practice. I use ELV UI which shows threat levels on target frames...remember to press V if you can't see them.

Also, the first raid boss for us this expansion sucks for tanks. It can be tricky to get right......talking about the stone guard here. Takes a lot of coordination with the other tank(s). As a tank, you will have to work very closely with your tanking partner.

I would also recommend running some older content as practice. Firelands or Dragon Soul would be good places to practice.

Good luck in your journey!

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