Schould I be trying for more haste now?

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Hoping somone can help me im still a bit confused on if I schould be reforging to more haste from mastery now.

My main spec is afflic. I have Demo as my offspec. I want to maintain a viable offspec while still being able to do decent dps with afflic.

I keep reading the posts on here. What I understand for afflic is haste is better when you get the meta gem or a RPPM trinket? I have an avg ilvl of 506 I have cosmos and Hydra for my trinkets. I don't have the meta yet.

Schould I continue to go with a balance of haste/mastery or schould I try for a more haste focused build?

This is my warlock http://us.battle.net...ius/Mynn/simple

My reforging is a bit screwed up atm. I was trying a haste build out. I usually run with mastery gems.

Any input with be apprciated. Thanks

Edited title hopefully its a bit more clear now.

Edited by Rabb

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