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Destruction Stat Build Help!

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Been using a crit/haste build lately, a little heavier on the crit side. But have been doing some reading and it seems that with the correct utilization of burning embers, there is a mastery build that is better, especially on fights that you can snipe off adds with shadowburn.

I want to know how this build works. Because it sims awfully. But sometimes simc doesnt utilize the mechanics of a different build.

Also, how can I find the "correct" stat weights, if this exists?

Any help is appreciated, because I'm just trying to min/max for upcoming heroic progression.

I've been pretty happy with my performance for the most part. I'm just trying to get that extra edge.

Heres a link to recent logs on normal:


And my Armory: (Pay no attention to current gems/reforging, I've been playing around with some affliction stuff)


And any input on Affliction VS. Destruction right now, at 522 ilvl, would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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First off, congrats on getting full 522 before my heroic progressing warlock Posted Image.

Even in full BiS, the range, no matter how you reforge, is about 2% dps. I don't know where you're seeing that 'awful' stuff. The only real difference is that everytime you add a target, mastery goes up and haste/crit go down (to an extent, then you get into true aoe situations where crit/haste become somewhat useful again). Basically, between the amount of havoc (not reflected in simc's single target), the amount of embers returned from shadowburn kills, and the amount of embers generates via RoF/Immolate hitting multiple targets, a massive part of your dps becomes ember based.

With so many embers, the values of crit/haste get deflated massively due to the fact that you run into mana capping situations frequently. I'm actually going to see if I can get zakalwe to run stat weights on the cleave/aoe outputs he has up for warlocks, to show just how drastically stat weights flip when you move from 1 target to 2, 2 to 3, etc. Possibly could end up with 3 different warlock profiles for each spec, to demonstrate the best gearing in each situation, etc.

Destro vs affliction is iffy. Neither are bad by any stretch. Destruction pulls ahead on a lot of heroics fights (horridon, primordius, ji-kun, etc.) simply because of the way it functions mechanically. With so many add/cleave fights, destruction really gets to shine via RoF/Shadowburn. That being said, if you can't get reliable slows for heroic tortos, affliction is a must have for the turtles. Glyph exhaustion and soulburn aoe them, 70% aoe slow with 100% uptime.

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