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Lil Rogue Reforing Help.

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Been playing on my Rogue Dreary (Nagrand server) and after my recent upgrades, figured I should use shadowcraft to get a "proper" Reforging done, to maximize any little stat points I could squeeze out, and noticed something I thought was very odd. It currently ranks crit above haste for me. I cannot for the life of me figure out why.

Any and all input would be great, for Assassination spec reforging.

P.S. I've read several guides, including Elitist Jerks and the IcyVeins guides. None of them list crit above haste, neither does Askmrrobot.com. In fact, Elitist Jerks seems to be currently having a debate about how haste may be better than mastery with the right trinkets.

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Assassination stats weights are very close each other. During T14, Mastery was slightly ahead, with Crit and Haste being pratically equals, depending on your gear set.

In T15, we got new RPPM trinkets (every agi trinket that drops in Throne of Thunder uses RPPM: Bad Juju, Talisman, Renataki and the Rune), which largely favor Haste over Crit, to the point where Haste and Mastery are pretty much on par.

Actually, when you uses the Shadowcraft reforge tool, if you have RPPM trinket(s), it will tell you to reforge everything in Mastery. But if you press the Auto-reforge button again, it will tell you to get as much Haste as possible. That's because both stats need to 'progress' together: you will get the best results by reforging by hand, piece by piece, always keeping Haste and Mastery balanced.

However, Shadowcraft considers a precise and set-in-stone environment, involving a maximized DPS uptime and only single target DPS. In practice, things are a bit different, and the different factors that ingame situations bring will continue to put Mastery ahead (e.g. loss of uptime on the boss, or the need to cleave)

But I'm ranging a bit too far from your original concerns: considering your gear (no RPPM trinkets, nor the legendary metagem that uses RPPM as well), Crit is worth about as much as Haste, sometimes more, sometimes less (especially with Terror and the Mists equipped, which proc provides an insane amount of Crit, thus reducing Crit's global value), and it's not "odd" that Shadowcraft ranks Crit ahead of Haste in your particular case.

Tl;dr: Mastery ~> Haste > Crit in T15 gear, otherwise Mastery > Haste ~= Crit.

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