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little help with items

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hey, i just reach lvl 90 and i'm kindda stuck with getting good items, my ilvl is 433

and i cant enter more instance cuz low ilvl (the lowest lvl is 435).

my question is, if there is faster and more effective way to get good gear not only through the queue system

or mayb good a way in the system..

acually what is the best, effective, and the fast way to get guso items ..

thanks for who can help>:)

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Craftable gear sold in the auction house or from your local friendly blacksmith/leatherworker/tailor can boost your item level dramatically. The pvp gear available from most professions isn't itemized the best but the extra str/int/agi you gain from it will be sufficient, and you won't be a burden in 5 man heroics.

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