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Be cautious about the stuff on your calendars.

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Please use caution about the calendar events you are seeing on your calendar. Many of my friends guildies, and other people have been getting tons of stuff about gold spammers. Please decline/ignore the invite, dont except it and PLEASE don't go to any websites they provide in the description. They could contain viruses that could be harmful to your computer. Blizzard said that they are working about fixing the solution to this issue and in my opinion reporting the people wont be much useful since most people get the invites from multiple people.

Thanks :)

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Watching how you surf, having a reliable antivirus and not downloading files from places you don't know are always a good way to keep your account safe.

Getting an authenticator is almost a must as well. I got one a few years ago after a friend got hacked and lost all their gold and equipment.

Be careful when buying the "expensive" mounts and gear fro rock bottom prices. If you really want to risk it have them post it on the AH and buy through there rather than a person to person trade. This helps to protect your interests as generally a purchase on the AH is protected if the item is duped/stolen.

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