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opinion of a Hunter I have in my raid...

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Any and all recommendations are welcome. I want to try to squeeze every drop out of my raid as I can, but if people are doing what they are supposed to I want to let them know that as well, and get off their backs.



I do realize this is a fight where the mechanics are more important then DPS, but if i can get a bit more, then adds would die faster, and the fight would go smoother.

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No one in your raid averaged over 100k DPS on all of your wipes. This isn't a Hunter issue. This is a raid wide issue. Seeing the damage partitions of your raid, it looks like all of the players could use a refreshing on what abilities to use.

For example, your Destro Warlock's top attack was Rain of Fire. This should not be. If adds are up long enough for Rain of Fire to be top, then something is horribly, horribly wrong. That said, if your Warlock can do that with Rain of Fire, where is your Hunter's Improved Serpent Sting and Serpent Sting damage from his Multi-Shot?

Mazikeen used Havoc 8 times in all of your Horridon wipes. You had 29 minutes of battle in your 7 wipes. Havoc has a 25 second cooldown. This is a HUGE opportunity gain thrown down the drain. He also only had 43 Shadowburns. This is pretty bad. I've gotten 74 Shadowburns off in ONE attempt.

Toxicmagic used Shadowburn TWO TIMES IN 29 MINUTES OF FIGHTING. This is unfathomable to me. He used Havoc 9 times in 29 minutes.

The problem with your attempts does not reside completely on your Hunter. I'm sure someone with superb Hunter skills could super analyze the logs like I've done with your Warlocks, but the problem lies with your entire group, and I've pointed out immediate, inexcusable omissions by your Warlocks. That said, we can look at other stuff, but until your group figures out how to DPS, that fight is going to be rough on you.

Let's look at the 4 important adds: Wastewalkers, Venom Priests, Frozen Warlords, and Dinomancers.

Wastewalkers: Jacobmarley did a total of 5.9M damage in all of your wipes together on this mob. This is the important mob on the first door and should be killed without prejudice. By contrary, Jihyo did 25M. The faster adds die, the more damage you do to Horridon.

Venom Priests: Toxicmagic didn't even do 5M damage to one of the most deadly mobs in the encounter. He almost got beat by the Paladin tank on this mob. By contrary, Mazikeen did 12.4M to the Venom Priests.

Frozen Warlord: again, Mazikeen did 5M more damage than Toxic and Jihyo did 2M more than Jacob.

Dinomancers: Jihyo did 32% of the damage to Dinomancers. What in the world is your raid doing when this guy is out? He is the TOP priority to get below 50% so he doesn't heal Horridon.

Now let's see what is wrecking your raid in terms of damage taken.

30.5M damage taken from Blazing Sunlight. This is because Wastewalkers are living too long.

10M damage taken from Sand Trap. Everyone was pretty guilty with an even damage spread.

7.5M damage taken from Double Swipe. Silvertyp and Matice were big fans of taking unnecessary damage.

Toxicmagic had 0 Sacrificial Pact uses. Considering all the damage he took, this is a player mistake. Correct this ASAP. Warlocks have the best survivability in the game, and he's neglecting to use it.

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This is somewhat a hunter problem. He isn't maximizing his dps. For one he doesn't have a leg enchant and a gun enchant. The gems in his shoulders and belt are both wrong. Shove all agi gems in those. He has a tenacity pet out for stampede. That is a huge loss. He needs to swap out dire beast with either fervor or thrill of the hunt (I prefer fervor). Also if the adds are up a lot he can use barrage. It's much better than glaive toss.

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This is an AoE fight.

As a SV hunter, you should be using Multi-Shot as long as you can hit two targets with it.

Your hunter has a total of 25 Multi-Shot for the whole report.

I have 104 in a 6 min 30 fight

Also he should be using barrage but this does not make a huge difference.


Please disregard the wipe as we were trying to get Horridon down before the 4th gate opened an we failed this time.

Edited by Ultoraison

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I main my hunter, I'm not super high on this fight with my guild as well (Horridon it seems). Warlocks and priests in my guild usually beat me. Anyways, here's some suggestions:

He (assuming) needs to get rid of the purple gem in their belt and replace it with the red agi gem. It's stupid to follow sockets for anything other than agility. For his shoulders he should have the red gem as well. He shouldn't have problems hitting the hit cap, it's silly to gem for hit in a red socket. You benefit more from agi than anything else.

Talents wise, for Horridon I suggest he use Barrage and Thrill of the Hunt instead of Glaive Toss and Dire Beast.

His glyphs are also wrong (IMO). Glyph of Pathfinding is just horrible for PvE. You should be using Glyph of Deterrence. Glyph of No Escape isn't bad, but I use Glyph of Liberation instead.

For my guild at least, I was pretty much on add control. Everyone else would spread their DoTs (mostly the warlocks, priests) and then just single target one at a time. I would sit there and set my explosive trap (under majority of the adds) multishot once to get the serpent sting off, then barrage. You should have max Thrill of the Hunt stacks now. So cobra shot if you need more focus then spam the hell out of multishot. Once you run out of Thrill of the Hunt stacks, rinse and repeat.

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I see that your Hunter has taken the advise given :)

But; I would put a purple gem (Agi/hit) in the chest and get them 40 Agi extra ;)

Then go to the reforger and get as close to 7.5% Hit as possible.

Www.askmrrobot.com is actually a great for hunters, and has helped myself alot with the dps increase ;)

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