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#Acherus DK Roundtable Discussion

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The discussion is over and can be found:

The discussion: http://www.twitch.tv/mendenbarr/b/396485146

Q&A session: http://www.twitch.tv/mendenbarr/b/396518149

#Acherus (The Death Knight theorycrafting IRC room) is hosting a roundtable discussion to talk about the current state of affairs for dks. The discussion will take place as a mumble conversation, while being live-streamed to twitch.tv, where a VOD will remain for anyone who misses the original airing.

This will take place on Saturday, April 27th, at 3 PM EST, and will last about an hour. It will be followed by a Q&A with the twitch chatroom.


Matron Heartless

Author and maintainer of the EJ unholy guide since 4.1

Named Timmy the ghoul


Owner and founder of the #Acherus theorycrafting channel for nearly 2 years.

Blogs at Son of a Lich

Currently writes BiS lists for unholy on EJ.

Namer of festerblight and gary the gargoyle


Maintainer of the Frost and advanced tactics thread on EJ

DK dev of simulationcraft

Consultant to icy veins frost and unholy guides

"Creator" of festerblight


Maintainer of the blood tank guide on MMOC

Consultant to icy veins for the blood guide.

Active theory-crafter on EJ.


Core Raider and 3rd tank in Scrubbusters, getting the world 8th Lei Shen kill, and the world 15th Ra-Den kill.

Raider and GM of Numen for 6 years.

List of topics:

Spec balance between unholy, festerblight, 2-hand frost, and DW frost.

Specs on a fight by fight basis

Avoidance vs. accuracy for blood

Changing stat weights in different situations and simulationcraft

Gemming strength vs. gemming secondary stats.

Hit/Expertise rating and how it's too damn high.


Successful changes for DKs in 5.0-5.2 and what could still use improvement

2-hand vs. DW frost (should the choice dicate performance, playstyle, both, or neither?)

Favorite dk ability

Favorite transmog gear

Best DK mounts

Soloing old content

Fun uses for Control Undead and Dark Sim

What is one ability from our class's past that you would want back?

This is taking a fair bit of work to put together, and the more people that can benefit from it the more worthwhile it will be. So spread the word! The only benefit we'll be getting from this roundtable will be the chance at learning something new, and being able to (hopefully) help people.

The stream will be viewable at http://www.twitch.tv/mendenbarr, and should start on Saturday, April 27th, at 3 PM EST.

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