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So, some backstory...fiancee is allergic to cats. With some research, I found a hypoallergenic cat. TL;DR about allergies from cats, it's not the fur. Cats produce a protein called Fel-1-D. It's produced in their saliva. They then lick their fur and the saliva turns into a powder that coats their fur. When they shed or you come in contact with this powder, that causes the reaction. These Siberians produce 3% of the normal amount of the protein that typical cats do. He was the 1 year engagement present to my fiancee. If you're allergic to cats and want one of the most majestic, beautiful kitties out there, find a breeder and snag one. This guy was a cool $900, but there ain't no cost to see a girl who adores cats and is allergic to them but suffer absolutely none while loving her little guy. Below are some videos of major cuteness overload.

Yes, I'm a Warlock and love kitties. I'M STILL HARDCORE!

Want to study? Not with him around:

Need him to take a nap? Cheek massage ftw:

He even cleans himself like he's a king:

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OMG! That is the cutest kitten!! As a big kitty lover I find what you did for your girl so incredibly awesome, I almost cried! lol He's adorable and super loved that's for sure! :)

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