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Hi, im a ww monk and im looking into reforges for early heroic ToT. the link to my armoury.

Basically ive noticed in the last few weeks im not getting ranked anymore on world of logs. As a competitive person ive been looking into the reforging and since everywere says different i started looking at the top ranked players and how they balance thier stats. The overwelming majority have done what this site says to do; get rune of re-origination, 4 part bonus keep mastery highest by as small a number as possible.

My issue is, although i dont have the trnket yet, i want to try this out. i have 2 issues though.

Firstly, i dont understand why haste and crit should stay fairly equal. From what i can read, no where says to go higher then 7k haste. yet this chap ( for example, who as i write this is ranked 1st for jinrokh, has all 3 secondary stats to within 3 points of each other, all at 8546 - 8548, mastery being highest ofc. Other highly ranked players are also above the 7k haste marker and i cant find anything to suggest its a gain over turning that excess haste to crit, other than that they have maxxed mastery and have to dump into haste to avoid crit overtaking mastery rating?

The second issue is that i cant seem to get any reforging tool to place the secondary stats at an equalish rating. Admittedly im a noob at reforging tools but i cant find a way to do it. Plenty of WW's are out there getting the stats this close, if the tools cant do it, how else can it done easily?

Thanks in advance for any help any of you can provide. :)

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I don't know anything about windwalker reforging, but could you use Reforgelite and make all the weights the same to try to get them pretty equal?

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