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5.2 Tier 15 set bonus

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Long time Fury warrior and I have a bit of a question in regards to Tier 15 I was hoping someone here might be able ot clear up for me. I've been a bit down on my luck when it comes to raiding lately so most of my tier peices have come from LFR. I've recently picked up a few new peices of gear from ToT, two of which have been tier peices. This has lead to my quandry.

A lot of what i'm reading seems to suggest that the tier 14 four piece set bonus is much better than tier 15 two piece. While I don't doubt that tier 14 has a better two piece bonus (a flat 25% damage increase is hard to argue against) I'm having a hard time figuring out if being able to use Recklessness more often is really better than the chance to enrage more often throughout a fight. (I get that it's better burst and Fury warriors are all about burst these days, but I would think there would be a limit.) So is it really not worth breaking my old four peice set?

Also, from what I've read the real difficulty is that Fury doesn't benefit from Haste as well as Arms does, thus the Tier 15 bonus is great for Arms but only procs once every two minutes or so for Fury. Since Haste is such a trashy stat for Fury, is there another way of making the proc better for Fury, such as aiming for the (admitably unattainable by the sane) 26.5% hit rating?

When I first reas about this bonus I thought it might mean going back to how Fury felt at the end of the Wrath cycle. So far I seem to have set myself up for massive disappointment.

Any help would be appreicated, thanks.

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Hi Kackered, and welcome to the forums!

First of all, I would just like to say that one of the 4 topics pinned at the top of the warrior's forums is specifically about the Warrior Tier 15, so if you have any more questions, it would be nice of you to post them in an already existing topic (if appropriate) to help reduce the amount of duplicate threads. Nevertheless, I am glad that you asked such a question and I will edit the "official" tier 15 set bonuses thread with the answer I'll post here.

The tier 15 2p bonus looks good on paper. However, think about this: I am currently at 517 ilvl. Before I got the 2p bonus, I had on average 60 to 65% enrage uptime. With the 2p bonus, I have around 60 to 65% enrage uptime. I have seen no noticeable difference at all. What you have to realize is that this bonus can proc while you're already enraged, effectively wasting parts if not all of it.

So, if you break your t14 4 set, it's not going to be because of the t15 2p. It is going to be because the stats on the new pieces are much better than your old pieces. If you'd be upgrading from 496 to 502, keep the t14. If you'd be upgrading both pieces from 483 to 502 or 496 to 522 without losing too much crit (the t15 helm and chest have *horrible* itemization >.<) go for the t15.

The reason why the set bonus is better for arms is because of it's inherent proc rate: 0.6 procs per minute for Fury, and 1.7 for Arms. even if you had 50% haste, it wouldn't even proc once per minute for Fury (on average). Also, RPPM trinkets are not affected by the hit chance, so going for the hard cap won't give you more procs.

Even with the 2p, the stat priority still stays Hit top 7.5=Exp to 7.5>Crit>=Str>Mastery>>>Haste>=Hit to 26.5.

Quick sidenote: If you could give us a link to your toon it would make it easier for me to do recommendations in the future :)

On a final note, I was playing prot back in wrath so I cannot comment on how Fury felt back then, but I do know that Fury feels amazing right now Posted Image

I hope this gives you the answers you need, and if you need anymore help feel free to ask (in the pinned T15 bonuses post if possible Posted Image ),


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