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Resto Shaman and Spirit

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Hello everyone. I was wondering if anyone would be able to shed some light on an issue for me. I'm a 503 ilvl resto shaman (http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/lightbringer/Avivaa/simple).

My current method of gemming/reforging is as follows (I'm at the soft haste cap with gear, so that's not an issue):

- Get a good level of spirit (I find about 9000 spirit + ~3000 from trinkets works for me)

- Get mastery to about 50%

- Put the rest into int/crit

The question I have is why do a lot of the resto shamans from top guilds put so much into spirit? I see a lot of them with ~20000 spirit. This seems like an insane amount, but is that just what you need for heroic mode raiding? Right now I mainly just run lfr and the occasional 10 man and I find anything more than what I have is just put to waste.

Also, I saw something in the class guide that mentioned spirit should be stacked in 25 man as mana tide totem is extremely important for 25 man raiding. Why is this?

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Good questions.

First, yes that degree of spirit is a reasonable number for 25H raiding. Both of the reasons you thought of are valid; MTT is insanely powerful, especially in progressions, and they have to be able to go for 10+ mins dropping HR constantly. That's a huge mana demand! :)

Your gearing strategy seems fine.

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The reason they stack spirit so much is because shamans are only useful to a heroic raiding team as a cooldown and utility tool. It's no that they need a lot of mana, but more that they are a tool. Usually you ill only see a heroic raiding team with one maybe 2 shamans if any.

Mana Tide totem can give crazy amounts of mana back to the raid as well as clutch healing with healing tide and spirit link. They are also very useful for giving the raid more overall health, especially tanks.

Other than that, you should do just fine with what you have. 10 man i think is different and they need to stack more stats.

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