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[Non-Heroic] BiS Fury Trinkets

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I don't know what I have done to deserve this, but this tier has been exceptionally generous to me when it comes to Trinkets!

I have:

1. ability_warrior_strengthofarms.jpgBrutal Talisman of the Shado-Pan Assault

2. spell_shadow_spectralsight.jpgGaze of the Twins

3. ability_warrior_rampage.jpgPrimordius' Talisman of Rage

I am struggling to decide which 2 of the 3 I should equip.

Mr Robot favours ability_warrior_strengthofarms.jpgBrutal Talisman of the Shado-Pan Assault and ability_warrior_rampage.jpgPrimordius' Talisman of Rage.

From my experience in combat, although ability_warrior_rampage.jpgPrimordius' Talisman of Rage stacks to 5.. i have never seen this happen. In fact, I'm lucky if I see it proc to 3 - mostly ranging from 1-2 stacks before it drops and reset it's stacks.

After spending a few minutes whacking the dummies, I noticed spell_shadow_spectralsight.jpgGaze of the Twins tends to proc to its maximum of 3 stacks fairly quickly..

I have used Mr Robot all though MoP, I it feels hard to ignore his suggestions! But with this one... I'm not sure :/

According to some research, I found the order of BiS trinkets for Fury Warrior is (copied and pasted):

New BIS Trinkets:

1: H Fabled Feathers of Ji-kun (0.9k above #2)

2: H Gaze of the Twins

3: N Fabled Feathers of Ji-kun

4: H Primordius's rage

5: N Gaze of the Twins

6: N Primordius's Rage

7: H Spark of Zandalar

8: H Lei Shen's Final Orders 2/2

9: Brutal Talisman of the Shado-pan - Only if you can handle the expertise.

10: LFR Fabled Feathers of Ji-kun

11: N Spark of Zandalar

12: H Lei Shen's Final Orders 0/2 (And 1/2)

Which would suggest I don't use the ability_warrior_strengthofarms.jpgBrutal Talisman of the Shado-Pan Assault..

Anyone have any input, or some experience with what works best for you?

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Primordius is OP if it can stack to 5, decent otherwise. Brutal is a nice, easy to handle proc but the expertise can be a pain. Gaze is definitely BiS.

Right now I would suggest still suggest Prim/Gaze. However you should really try to get your hands on the Ji-Kun trinket ASAP. This thing's a beast.

Also, in all honesty, askmrrobot is a nice math tool, but its trinket and set bonuses rating are estimated, so they can be wrong from time to time.

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Also, trinkets may come down to personal preference. If you get a 5 stacks Prim during CS you'll do crazy damage, but this won't happen most of the time. Shado-Pan will be more reliable but slightly less good on its proc.

For me, though, once I can get either Gaze or Prim I'll get rid of the Shado-Pan one.

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