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dps issue

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First of all, rune of power is not the go to talent, incanters flow is. RoP is only good once you know fight really well, super low movement fight, or you are just going to cheese the fight. Otherwise IF>>>RoP


The biggest mistake you are making is you aren't saving your PC+AP burst wiht your ring. This is a must. You do not use PC+AP every 1.5 min, you use it ever 2 min with ring. This alone will boost you dps up insane amounts.


The log you posted doesn't show resource graph for some reason so I can't comment on your mana management. But your dps on archie definitely wasn't bad. If you had just lined up your cd's you would have done at least 10k more


You also didn't use a second pot.


You also don't use icy flows enough. You have 3 charges, Start using them so you can cast while moving. To do this, bind it to one of the easy to access side mouse buttons.

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