Affliction Trinkets - WF Fleshrender's Meathook?

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Just a quick question for the forum about BiS trinkets for Affliction. I was lucky enough to get a WF Fleshrender's Meathook (735 ilvl w/ valor upgrade). It's been great for me, but I can't help but wonder... Mythic (685) Shards of Nothing ranks 6th overall on icy vein's affliction bis trinkets list with slightly more intellect and quite a bit lower haste on use.


Fleshrender's Meathook (735): 282 int, Use: 2817 haste 20 sec.

Shards of Nothing (685): 302 int, Use: 1767 haste 20 sec.


I'm wondering where this might fall on the trinket simulation chart. Anyone care to wager a guess?? I'm just having trouble deciding which trinkets to use, with my choices being:


Heroic DSI (715)

Sandman's Pouch 6/6 (725)

Normal Fragment (715)

Heroic Iron Reaver Piston (715)

WF Meathook (735)


(all ilvl's are after 2/2 valor upgrade)

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Meathook would be good for kills ~2 min or less, but if you aren't consistently speed killing bosses I wouldn't bother. DSI/Class trinket is great for aff.

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