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Raid with Icy Veins Staff!

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Tomorrow, you will be able to play with our Staff in two Open Raid events. Zagam, our awesome Warlock, will be your host for the US event and Vlad, our main guide contributor, will be your host for the EU event. More details: http://openraid.org/main/news/53

We plan to host these Open Raid events once a month. This time, both events are on Horde side, but there is no reason why we should not be able to host events on Alliance side in the future.

Icy Veins is teaming up with Open Raid to propose you monthly raid events where you will be able to play with our staff.

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    • By Dethkgrip
      This isn't a guild recruitment but this is the best spot i could find to put this. 
      Those wanting to raid new or experienced may be interested in looking into my groups we do on open raid. All my groups happen weekly some we do require a few boss kills but most are very new person with 0 kills friendly. If anyone has any questions feel free to add me Worggy#1983 and ill answer any you may have. most my groups are 30 mans. We do not tolerate any kind of drama rather it be over loot or performance on a boss. We simply will remove x player and move on. We do prefer 18+ players as we are all 18+ as well and find most kids to be annoying and cause problems. If interested visit the link below and sign up.    http://openraid.us/p/Deths_Events   Currently my events are as follows and times are est  Wednesday 2030-2300 Thursday 2000-2300 Friday 2000-2300 Saturday 2100-0000   All group are fresh i do continuations very very rarely. These are groups for casuals that may not be able to go every week, only have time to raid a few days a week, you are not required to make every raid and you can go to which ever you choose you could do Friday one week and Wednesday the next for example.      We have been doing raid though open raid for approximately 3-4 years and have had great success with doing so. Also if it isnt apparent guild membership isn't required for any of these groups all are welcome friend guldies family. So vist the site and sign up alts are also welcomed. 
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