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Rune system

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hi smile.png im really new to the DK but is so much fun BUT i dont understand how the rune system works, and i have ready the guide on icey veins but can someone explaine it to me then i maybe got what bottens to press on the right way smile.png


and some question


1. with what rune is it good to use blood tap?


2. what "rotation" is it good to use max BOS?


3. good use of plague leech

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I don't play Death Knight as my main, but according to logic:


1. Blood Tap should only be used to avoid cap or when you REALLY need that Death Strike. Converting Blood Runes into Death Runes will assist in more Death Strikes. Remember to not to consume your Death Rune on Blood Boil.

2. There was another topic for this

3. Use Plague Leach can be used on cooldown when you have the Glyph of Outbreak. Simply cast Outbreak right after Plague Leach and then Death Strike. HOWEVER, if you have taken the Breath of Sindragosa talent, you shouldn't use the Outbreak Glyph, instead use Plague Leach whenever your diseases are about to fall off or Outbreak is going to come off cooldown.

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