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BoA Trinkets for HFC.

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Hey all,


I recently started playing WoW again and I aqcuired the '' new '' BoA trinkets that scale up to lvl 110. As I play Balance druid mainly it's Orb of Voidsight for me.

I noticed that the tooltip says it increased all damage dealt to demons by 10%.


In Hellfire Citadel some of the bosses are demon so the 10% increase damage should work against them. I'm only finding conflicting post on if it's also working on Archimonde or not. Some people say he is a humanoid but others say he is a demon.


I was wondering if there have been any confirmation or data avalaible that backs up the fact it is / isn't working on Archimonde. I tried to search on several forums but couldn't find anything to really confirm it. If it works, It would be really helpful to have this confirmed for me smile.png !


Kind regards,



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The heirloom trinket's bonus damage to demons during its' proc applies to:


•Fel Lord Zakuun

•Tyrant Velhari



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