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Question about sub wep enchants

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Armory : http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/frostmane/Browndanger/simple




as you can see, I'm pretty much maxed out on every item when it comes to multi strike, cept some pieces which can be myth of course. 


Ive seen some top rogues use Thunderlord/Frostwolf and some using Frostwolf/Frostwolf enchants on their weps. 


I just got my hands on a myth WF malicious censer, which is according to sims, around a 350 dps increase. Not a huge one, but still an increase, due to the fact that my soul cap still is 720, vs this 746. 


My question is, with around 52% multi strike (Without the MC, which i haven't equipped yet due to 0 valor), is it enough to justify a Thunderlord enchant on one weapon? Actually Sims are telling me that i should use 2 Thunderlords, but since no "top rogue" have been using that, i don't see it as an option.


Sims are telling me that it is, but some have said that this isn't completely accurate. 


On a dummy, my dps increases 15-25% burstwise with Thunderlord, but i understand this will even out during "non-burst phases". 

Hopefully, ill get my hands on a myth Soulcap soon, but until then. Would you say that Thunderlord on the dagger could be viable? 


Thankful for response



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Running 1 Thunderlord's is probably better. since you have a ludicrous amount of MS. Even a second probably wouldn't be completely out of place, but I wouldn't go that far.


I also would never get rid of Soul Cap. The Sim dps doesn't take into account how important our opener is, and Cap is CRUCIAL to that. Overall MC is probably a mathematical increase, but with how strong Cap is I'd stick with it.

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first, WoW you have a lot of multi strike ( which is good  for subtlety  ) 


I am not too sure about using Thunderlord Buff for one weapon , but Soul cap is an absolute must for  Subtlety, 

Just like what Carrn said  our opener damage as subtlety is super important and Soul cap is super beneficial on that 

Soul cap and Class trinket both are super useful for subtlety so i shouldn't change trinkets 

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