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Fury warrior dps help needed

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Hello warriors


i recently started raiding with my warrior.

i know briefly about the basics and rotations for both Fury and Arms

but my DPS is quite awful and i often being kicked from groups due to bad DPS


i read a guide on this forum that some fights recommended Arms over Fury

i changed to Arms and it was even worse 

i hope you can help me get this straight i'm obviously doing something wrong..


my armory link:



and recent log



i know i didn't use flask/pots

and my gear needs upgrades

about two weeks ago everything was timewarped gear laugh.png


please review my logs and tell me what i'm doing wrong beside that


thanks in advance 

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Good morning.


You are correct - some fights favor Arms over Fury. To put it simply, if you have a moment to sustain damage on 2 or more targets you will probably do better as Arms. (Council, for example, or even Hellfire Assault).


As far as your performance is concerned, I reviewed the Fel Lord Zakuun encounter from the logs you provided. It's the closest thing to a single-target encounter with little to no motion involved. It's not Iron Reaver but it'll do.


You have already stated you realize you did not use a flask or potions. I would take this a step further to assume you didn't use a rune or food, either, unless a feast was provided for you. While I won't beat this into you, let me simply state this: every point counts. Use your consumables.


In regards to your performance, your Enrage uptime is really good; surprisingly well, even. While you were alive you had 90% uptime on Enrage; 82% if we consider the entire fight length. Enrage is the bread and butter of Fury; good job on maintaining that buff. You gained 31 stacks of Raging Blow and cast it 30 times. Again, not bad for someone who just started playing a Fury Warrior. You also seem to be handling your Sudden Death procs pretty well.


In this particular fight it seems you have taken Siegebreaker instead of Anger Management. Perhaps this Sim'd better for you; I typically favor Anger Management myself.




Overall... it seems you're heading in the right direction.


The real concern, however, is not your rotation or the amount of damage you're [not] putting out. The issue is your [lack of] gear.

  • You do not have your DPS legendary ring.
  • You do not have your 4PC bonus. (Or even your 2PC for that matter)
  • You do not have your class trinket (or any useful trinket at all, really; the Demon one is only useful on some fights)

The truth of the matter is that until you get these things squared away your numbers will suffer substantially compared to those that do have the gear. I would recommend, until these things are resolved (depending on the time you actually have available), you main Arms. It's not as stat and gear dependent and has an easy-to-maintain rotation. Once you're in the 715 and 720 item level range, with appropriate gear and stats, you could then see some real performance out of Fury.


I hope this helps. If you should have any further questions don't hesitate to ask.

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my legendary ring is currently 680 not so good at this point

trinkets are pain.. didn't get any


i will take consumables and once i get at least 2-set

will post logs again to see the difference.

if it's only gear and tuning i can be satisfied for current output 


thanks for detailed answer :)

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