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I need some guidance. I am using SimC to help determine my stat weights. In one run it will come out with mastery then haste then crit. When I reforge and regem for that build my DPS was like 5k higher than my previous reforge but it comes out with my stats being crit then mastery then haste. I reforge and run again. This time similar DPS simmed but new stat weights. The DPS is no higher than 7-8k in any run.

I go onto different sites to see if I can find a vague consensus of destro stats. And lo and behold there is no real consensus. Looking at what the top players do doesnt really help as I have learned reforging/gemming changes once your i level is over 520. I know to get hit to 15% but then it gets vague. I am running GoSup, and know mastery and crit dont increase pet DPS, but haste does. So some people say do a haste build (up to incinerate is at GCD with lust/heroism) and others say haste about 4-5K is best and then crit or then mkastery. I have read others saying go mastery as it directly buffs your damage spells.

Also, I have the t15 4 pc bonus available, but it would require equipping LFR tier shoulders instead of my 522 shoulders. When I SimC that build, my DPS drops in SimC. I know 4pc tier bonus is usually the goal, but with the destro 4 pc bonus, it doesnt seem to compelling, especially in ToT with every fight having multiple targets, except 1 or 2. I rarely find myself lacking in embers. Often times I find myself having to cast CB just to drain them off to avoid capping. So, is sacrificing my 522 shoulders for the 4 pc bonus worth it?

So if someone can shine some light on this subject I would appreciate it.

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I wish somebody would answer this question. I have spent coutless gold playing with diffrent builds, only to get 10-20k diffrences. I'm not good with all the sim-craft stuff so i just read what others come up with and adapt but theres no solid info anywhere that i've found.

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Hey guys,

If you run a sim on your gear you will get certain stat weights for that specific gear/reforge/gem set. If you plug those stat weights in to AMR or wowreforge and then reforge/gem your gear those stat weights you just used aren't going to be the same any more. Its an iterative process which is going to leave you confused and broke.

Its best just to think of stat priorities rather than their actual weights since that is all that those reforging sites are doing. They aren't creating ratios or anything like that, just simply dumping stats and feeding them to others based on the priority you set up. So, if you want a M>H>C build then plug any values in for the stat weights that will give you this priority such as 1.75 for mastery, 1.5 for haste and 1.25 for crit (Note: Don't use values higher than Hit's value otherwise those sites won't get you to hit cap). If you only want haste to a certain point and then stack mastery you can mess around with the soft cap box for haste in ask mr robot (AMR).

The reason there is no definitive answer is because the weights are all so close to each other that it really doesn't matter. Pick something that suits your playstyle. Stacking haste can get clunky, but if you are okay with that then go ahead. Stacking mastery is great, but you'll probably feel slow at first. Keeping Mastery and Haste close in rating is great as well and is useful if you swap to an offspec frequently. They all balance each other out, trading faster, but weak casts for slower, but harder hitting spells. You shouldn't be getting 10-20k dps differences between these setups. 10-20k variance is not from your stats, it's from your gameplay.

The time you spend focusing on digging through forums and the dark depths of the lock world could be better spent watching encounter videos and reading strategy guides specific to warlocks to maximize your gameplay on each fight. Guaranteed 10-20k DPS increase right there. Start Here!

And yes, that 4pc bonus is very meh. Get your 2pc then do whatever will get you the best stats after that.

Best of luck!

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