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Frost DK - Advices on DPS

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Hello there,


I am iLVL 724 and it's time for me to face it ; Something's wrong with my DPS ... well I think I do. I have almost all BiS (not warforged of gemmed though) and optimized almost everything gear wise, except maybe weapons wich are not dropping for me yet biggrin.png


I have seen some of you giving great advices to others and would love have that kind of attention. So any kind of advices on my rotation are most welcome.


Spec wise, I prefer Necrotic plague, but will switch to defile for single target fights in the future.


Here is a log for Zakuun



Here is my wow amory link


Thank you ! smile.png

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woops! silly me! this is the log of another dk I checked on my server. I put the right link :)


What amazes me is the damage numbers from Obliterate ... I don't understand how it can be so low (average of 30k, 73% crit)

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So, Im going to be painfully honest here. you really aren't doing that bad at all. There is really only one staggering thing I can see. 


That is your plague leech usage or to be more accurate your not usage. Most fights you only use it once. Necrotic plague and plague leech pair pretty nicely together, because once your 15 stacks are about to expire leech em for the free runes and then reapply diseases any which way you prefer. So more plague leech, like a lot more. Plague leech should be used on CD. That will give you more howling blasts, more obliterates, more everything. 


Secondly, your necrotic plague uptime should always be above 95% (frankly should almost be 100%) and some fights you are close around 92% others you are around 85%. As frost dk diseases should never fall off, howling blast spam gives us free one (and in this case with np your only one). So inbetween frost strike spamming make sure to keep your necrotic plague up.


Third which you already sorta touched on. Defile is frosts bread and butter right now. Especially with a heroic empty drinking horn. I'd really recommend switching. Defile is best really on aoe and single target fights. For frost there really isnt' a place where np can outshine defile. Also the synergy between EDH and defile is just beautiful. You are already pretty much using DandD on CD anyways so it should be an easy switch for you (just remember now you have 2 disease to keep up).


so really boss you are doing pretty well in general. just need a little fine tuning. more plague leech, better disease uptime and your are good to go. (and i highly recommend defile). 

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I think part of your issue is that you have stacked far too much haste, you actually only need roughly 25-30% haste not 64% which your armoury is showing. you actually need to stack loads more multistrike and mastery.


also instead of using discordant chorus, you need to get the rumbling pebble at least, or if you can try and get the mythic trinket from iron maidens, which is actually one of the 2 best trinkets for frost as well as unholy (yes i know this is broken, needing previous content for extra dps). i know that switching trinkets by be a ilvl decrease, but tbh ilvl isnt actually important when it comes to trinkets. Rumbling pebbling gives you that extra mastery and multistrike.


with the point about switching to defile for single target instead of necrotic plague, from my personal experience, in terms of dps, there isnt much difference, not enough to warrant changing talents and wasting tomes.


heres my armoury for a bit of help (i know it has mytchi gear but you should be able to get the general swing of things.



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I finally made some changes and tested them in a real situation such as Heroic HFC. The thing is that I died a lot last night so this is not really representative for some fight. In averall, I'd say I was around 5% more effective.


Here is the link :



Generally, I would say that I switching to defile helped a lot in two ways : removed the "dealing with plage stacks" wich was probably the most DPS lost I had. Secondy, it is true that it does make the trinket "Discordant chorus" much more effective on non mobile fights. Also, having 2 diseases instead of one helps in gaining more stacks. What I disliked a bit was to be forced to use blood boil a lot more on multi target fights .. I felt like I was loosing a little bit there.


I used plague leach on CD, then applied back diseases using outbreak or howling blast and plague strike. It felt un little clunky to do so.


Now, from what's been told to me, I have too much haste and not enough multistrike. I was thinking haste was important to get more killing machine procs. Does this stat becomes less effective passed a certain treshold ?


It is important to note that this 64% haste is with unholy presence aura, as I was farming stuff before logging off. I will go change it soon in order to get the real numbers wich are more like 12% crit, 37% hate, 49% mastery and 26% ms, unbuffed.


I have a mythic version of Rumbling pebble that can boost Mastery/multi a little. I will try replacing Discordant chorus with this one and see where it does get me.


Don't hesitate adding information do this post smile.png


Thanks again

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Hello, at first sorry for my bad english. smile.png


The main thing jump in my face when I see my own logs and yours : the ratio Howling blast / Oblilerate.

I think that you cast not enough HW and too much Oblilarate.


Your average hit of Oblilerate deal 45K (main hand + off hand) and HW 32K

So with your actual stat HW deal 71%  damage of Obli, so if you have 2 targets (or more) don't cast Obli but HW.

2 HW deal more than 1 Oblilerate so try to transform the as many as you can your unholy rune in death rune (blood tap only when your 2 unholy runes recharging, same with plague leech)


Don't use blood boil even on multi-target. Your blood plague hit at 4K (Average) so if we don't count on haste, multistrke, crit, it have to tick 8 time do deal as much as 1 HW, your target should stay alive for at least 24 sec otherwise it's not cost effective.

Usually the big pack of mob don't stay alive this much so simply don't aplly blood plague or do one target by one target with plague strike.

On fight like HHC where there are always 2 or 3 targets you need to always aplly your blood plague with plague strike or outbreak (you can use a maccro mouse over) so like that you can spend your unholy rune without have to cast oblilerate (only cast to refresh Obliteration) and like that you can maintain 5 stack of razorice on all your close targets


Don't worry about the stack of fel burn, even if the adds don't have blood plague aplly they'll keep stacking with the hits of HW. (a little less but whatever)


On single target you can cast Obli but only with unholy rune, never ever with 2 death rune or 1 frost / 1 death rune even with a proc killing machine


""Now, from what's been told to me, I have too much haste and not enough multistrike. I was thinking haste was important to get more killing machine procs. Does this stat becomes less effective passed a certain treshold ?""

Yes because of the 4 part bonus you already have too much killing machine.


Hope it can help you smile.png


My log if you want to check


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